Lonnie Fogle


I came in ’59. There were only 200 African-American students here, and about 22,000 students total. So it was a little under 1 percent of us here. Can you imagine the football team with nobody like me, or the basketball team with nobody like me? So it was tough in a sense. However, having grown up in east Texas, it was a step above what I’d left.

I lived in a segregated dorm—the black dorm was right here where I sit [at the Alumni Center]. Dorm D, a barrack-type dorm. Where the parking garage is, that was Dorm F. I lived in F when I lived here and then I moved to D—I said, are they trying to tell me something about my grades?

Being in that situation, we black students were compelled to bond and be strong with one another, and to help each other make it through the day. And I wouldn’t trade it, my experience at UT. It taught me a bunch of things, as far as competition and managing myself in adverse situations. And I managed to have fun.

Lonnie Fogle, BS ’66, Life Member

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Date: May 6, 2015

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