Letty Fernandez

LettyFernandez2I come from the Rio Grande Valley, and so I know that when you got here there was always someone here to help you. And the kids from the Valley really bond, and even though you’re from different cities and everyone’s a rivalry at home – once you get here it’s like, “Oh, you’re from the valley? I’m from the Valley!” I think that has a lot to do with being here at UT and the school making you feel like it is a family. It really is.

I think it’s important to help the students that come here. Those of us that are alumni, I think that has to be our responsibility, to pay it forward. Somebody helped me, and that’s what I think inspired me to help the kids that are coming through and to make sure that they succeed. Because we want them to succeed. And then we want them to be good alumni, too. It’s very important that they do that when they graduate.

Letty Fernandez, BJ ’78, Life Member

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Date: May 6, 2015

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